Inspection of the local network and local machines. Customising security settings on your network and machines to reach the level of security you find comfortable. Installing agreed software that would keep you safe.

Dealing with the incident response – if you fell the victim of the hacking, we are offering all possible recovery of your system.

IT support

Trouble shooting any computer or mobile device issue you might have. Fixing the malfunction of the equipment, help with the software, hardware, network connection. Any platform is covered, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux.


Teaching how to use new computer or software.


Feel free to combine above services. When services are combined, charging will be conducted per minute of corresponding services.


These servicesare offered for the standard working week (Mon-Fri) and working hours from 9am to 6pm.

Any services requested outside these hours, or on weekends is charged double.

We do not offer night-time services.

Price list is subject of change and available upon request.


Discount of 10% available for seniors and military personnel.


We welcome your comments, opinions, inquiries, or just plain hello!

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